Full Power

Wishbone Neo Electric Cart Highlights

Thumb throttle and performance grip

NEO has a thumb speed controller on the handle which incorporates a ‘soft start’ function to prevent any sudden surge of power to the wheels when setting off.

NEO also incorporates a ‘Cruise Control’ feature which allows the cart to power forward unaided at any selected speed. This feature allows the player to walk alongside the cart with both hands free, especially useful for long fairway walks whilst providing a more relaxing experience.

NEO variable speed range is 0km/hr to 7km/hr providing help for the slowest and fastest of walkers.

Slim line lithium battery

The standard 12.8v lithium battery is able to cover 18+ holes with power to spare, however in the unlikely event you should loose power for any reason the cart is able to function as a free running push cart by moving the rear wheels to a second (get me home) position on the axle.

NEO has a proven power and drive train along with a high quality speed and battery controller to ensure many years of use on all terrains.

Fast action single fold and aerospace grade aluminium frame

A full powered, simple ‘no nonsense’ electric cart.

Based on our successful Wishbone One and Zero cart designs NEO has a simple single action fold for easy transport and storage. If space is an issue the wheels are quick release and are easily removable.

Quick release and durable rubber tyre

NEO is able to climb steep gradients with ease, this manoeuvrable cart provides maximum help to any golfer with minimal distraction.

NEO has a proven power and drive train along with a high quality speed and battery controller to ensure many years of use on all terrains.

Wishbone Neo Electric Cart Range


Wishbone Neo Electric Cart Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

180-Watt motor provides an abundance of power. But it is the torque that really makes the difference and climbs hills effortless. All whilst being very, very quiet…compare ours alongside our competitors. You’ll only hear theirs!

3-4 hours top up charge or full charge from flat 6-8hrs.

Reliability & to not distract the golfer from their game.

Screen failure is attributed to most of the warranty claims for many of the leading golf brands. contributing factors; 1) difficult to truly seal, 2) mild temperature, humidity/ dew on inside of screen when warmed by morning sun cause screen to mist up. 3) Loss of pixels or segments. 4) additional wiring and connections that can fail….the list goes on!!!!

Best supported by a dedicated GPS device and/ or course map via a smartphone. Building it into the cart leads to service support requirements and frequent updates.

Twist ‘n’ go is intuitive and after a couple of uses second nature. It is also the most reliable form of speed control and used/ proven in high volume e-scooter market.

YES. Twist throttle to desired speed, then press the cruise control button with your other hand. Cart will now maintain your speed.

A mechanical brake will damage the motor and cause a power surge on controller. An electro-mechanical brake or LSD gearbox are hugely expensive and unreliable.

This function slowly drains the battery and is problematic during long periods of no use. Such as winter months and during the COIVD pandemic when courses were closed! Battery becomes deeply discharged and can’t be recovered by standard charging.

This is raised to make it easy-to-lift from the battery tray. It has a flying lead instead of sprung contacts for safety and reliability. It is recommended to remove battery for charging before folding the cart. It can, however, remain in the cart during transit.

Real world golf and many golfers’ feedback. Extensively laboratory tested; 200 hours constant running a bumpy rolling road (special oversize treadmill), pneumatic handle push down test loaded with 18g bag,. This is an accelerated life test which gives us confidence in our cart!

Wishbone Neo Electric Cart